Pit & Quarry Interview with Ben and Randy

While attending AGG1 in Nashville this year, the owner and Principal Engineer at GeoLogic, LLC, Benjamin Black PE, PG, RM, and Randy Kunz, our Senior Mine Planner, sat down to chat with Jack Kopanski from the Pit & Quarry Podcast Drilling Deeper.

Take a look below to see what they had to say about this year’s event!

The guys had a great time walking around and speaking with everyone at this year’s National Stone Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) Annual Convention and AGG1 Expo in Nashville.

We are excited to announce that we will have a booth next year at the 2025 AGG1 Expo in St. Louis, MO, so make sure to stop by and say hello if you plan to attend!


Principal Engineer and Senior Mine Planner Interviewed by Pit & Quarry Podcast Drilling Deeper Jack Kopanski


Interview Transcript:

Pit & Quarry Drilling Deeper Podcast – Interview with Ben and Randy 

Jack: You know, just first and foremost, second day almost over now of AGG1. How’s the show been treating you guys so far?  

Ben: So far so good. We’ve actually been here since Saturday, pretty much attended all the NSSGA functions, ROCKPAC, a bunch of AGG1 classes, so it’s been really good. We’re not boothing this year, so we’re able to just roam around and do our own thing. 

Randy: I think it’s been really great being able to interact with our clients, and we’ve gotten to walk around the show here and see a lot of interesting things, meet with some of the vendors.  

Jack: Over the last couple of days have there been any equipment or technology trends or developments that you’ve kinda seen that have maybe stuck out to you guys?  

Randy: I think we’ve seen a couple things that are a little bit different. A few new items that I think it’s going to be really great to be able to maybe introduce some of those to our clients. A couple of them address particular challenges that our clients are facing, and maybe don’t get to come out here to the show.  

Ben: I agree. Some of the things I saw in there boggled my mind a little bit. I wasn’t expecting to see some of the stuff that I saw, and then when I learned kind of what the functionality of the equipment was, it brought a whole lot of new ideas and interests into my head, because the work we do is typically on the front-end. We do the engineering, the mining planning, and geology part of it, so typically when it gets to the end-use of the stuff that the aggregate producers are using, the equipment, and even the asphalt folks that are here, we don’t typically work with that equipment so it’s neat to see kind of the end process of it all.  

Jack: That was Ben Black and Randy Kunz from GeoLogic, once again, thank you fellas for joining us on the podcast. Thank you for sponsoring this episode. Your partnership is very much appreciated.

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