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June 23, 2022Like

Top Reasons People Turn to GeoLogic

Why People Turn to GeoLogic for their Geological Engineering and Mining Projects Ben Black, Principal Geological Engineer and Owner of GeoLogic, reveals the reasons people turn to GeoLogic for their geological engineering and mining projects. Ben: Clients often bring reports to us that other geological engineering or mining companies have produced, and the problem that […]

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December 13, 2021Like

GeoLogic Celebrates Big Win for Clients: Unanimous Approval!

GeoLogic Celebrates Big Win for Clients: Unanimous Approval! GeoLogic, LLC, announces a big win for their clients, IDI Land Holdings, at a recent Lamar County Board of Commissioners meeting. The proceedings concluded with a unanimous vote to approve two zoning changes, effectively clearing the way for a rock quarry operation to be developed northeast of […]

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