Providing geological engineering, mining engineering, and dam evaluation services for industrial and large-scale development projects.

GeoLogic is an independent geological consulting and engineering firm, proud to serve a wide spectrum of clientele. We appreciate and take pride in the trust our clients place in us as we meet their needs for mining and quarrying services, geological engineering, surface mine permitting, surface mine planning, NPDES permits, and other geological and environmental engineering services.

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Our clients are our top priority, and we strive to exceed their expectations and earn their trust. We focus on building long-term relationships as we work through individual projects.

All of us here at GeoLogic are honest and transparent in everything we do. You can always count on us for open and straightforward communication.

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GeoLogic, LLC, is a full-service geological engineering firm that uses scientific investigation and engineering design to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ most challenging mining, construction, and development problems in a safe, effective and cost-efficient manner. 

Our organization consists of savvy geologists, engineers, and technicians, using their education and training in earth science and higher mathematics to accomplish a client’s specified objectives across multiple disciplines, by applying technical expertise to natural geological systems in a wide variety of environments. The GeoLogic team achieves excellence through seamless workplace collaboration; our geologists investigate and analyze the complexities of earth materials and resources, while our engineers assess and apply these findings to human problems, determining quantitative properties and designing economic solutions. We provide subsurface exploration, surface mine planning and permitting, and third-party independent technical review.

GeoLogic also offers drone services, utilizing UAV to collect surface data that is processed with the latest technical software and used to create accurate and precise 3D models of surfaces and surface features.

We work with stakeholders to establish the scope, schedule, and budget for each project and task, responding quickly to requests and crafting solutions that meet their needs.  We pride ourselves on superior customer service and unparalleled client satisfaction.

From simple small-scale projects to the detailed assessment and design of large-scale projects, GeoLogic is the difference maker!

Innovation & Sustainability

GeoLogic is an engineering and geological consultants firm that provides mining, quarrying, hydrogeological, and geological engineering services. We perform geological exploration for rock quarries, geological mapping, aggregate and dimension stone quarry evaluations,  aquifer testing (slug tests, pump tests, etc.), slope stability analysis, design, and remediation. We specialize in mine planning and design, surface mine permitting applications, and subsurface geological evaluations for transportation infrastructure (roadways/bridges) and dams. We also provide aerial data collection and mapping through drone photogrammetry.

We provide defensible, timely, cost-effective and innovative solutions to the most challenging mining, construction, and development issues

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