Geological Exploration and Evaluation

Before your project begins, it is important to explore and evaluate the property to identify potential constraints. The presence and location of wetlands, protected species, and cultural resources can derail the project or result in excessive costs (in the short and long term). GeoLogic’s experts use their knowledge and experience to achieve solutions that work for you while maintaining compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.

Why GeoLogic?

When you hire GeoLogic, you work with people who have actively explored and surveyed the land–-not just read about it in books. Our team includes engineers, geologists, project scientists, CAD designers, and laboratory technicians, all with years of experience in their fields of study. We analyze the terrain to locate and estimate mineral reserves, design mine plans, delineate wetlands, and survey habitats.

GeoLogic combines hands-on experience with math, science, and engineering expertise to collaborate with you on your projects. Our clients include mining companies, private corporations, attorneys, and governmental agencies. With our exploration and evaluation services, we’ll help you complete every project efficiently while complying with all relevant environmental and safety regulations.

geological technician in the field preparing samples

A Look at Our Experience

Our team’s experience encompasses the full spectrum of geological services, including exploration, mapping, design and permitting. Here are just a few of our team’s accomplishments:

  • We’ve conducted numerous quarry evaluations for both dimension stone and aggregate operations in Baldwin, Elbert, Greene, Hancock, Hart, Heard, Jasper, Jones, Lamar, Meriwether, Monroe, Newton, Pike, Warren, Washington, Wilkes, and Talbot counties in Georgia.
  • We’ve also performed work on quarry projects throughout Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 
  • We’ve planned and designed surface mines for sand, stone, and gravel used to support the country’s infrastructure, as well as kaolin and limestone which are commonly used in household products. We’ve also conducted assessments for sand pit feasibility and worked on large-scale sand pit projects in Georgia.
  • We’ve stayed on top of environmental regulations, ensuring that we maintain compliance during every project, study and survey.
  • We’ve worked with clients to assist them in securing all of the necessary state and federal permits to conduct surface mining operations in their region.

What Services Do We Offer?

With our exploration and evaluation services, we perform drilling, site evaluations, and aerial surveys, as well as review publicly available datasets for any potential project challenges. Our services include: Dam engineering evaluations:

  • We inspect dams throughout the year as part of the Georgia EPD Safe Dams program (including Category I High Hazard Dams).
  • Rock mechanics evaluations: Our staff are dedicated to evaluating the rock mass and utilizing our knowledge of rock mechanics with respect to drilling, blasting, and mechanical rock removal, monitoring structures for vibration and movement, and planning for excavations near highways, railroads, and occupied structures.
  • Groundwater monitoring and collection: We gauge and purge the monitoring wells, then collect samples and send them to the lab for analysis. Upon completion of laboratory testing, GeoLogic will prepare a report conveying the results.
  • Environmental site assessment: We start with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), which involves inspecting the property, reviewing regulations, interviewing current and previous owners, consulting with local officials, and evaluating the property for dangerous materials such as petroleum. If we need to test the air, water or soil, we move onto a Phase II ESA.

Is GeoLogic Sustainable?

We don’t just study the earth—we’re mindful of protecting the environment. When we collaborate with you on a project, we weigh environmental factors alongside social and economic concerns. As we strive to maximize the potential suitability of every project site, GeoLogic also keeps the planet’s future in mind with ethical business practices.

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