What is Geological Exploration?


The Basics of Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration is essentially the process of assessing the geological qualities of an area to determine what may be present in the soil and rock. The first step is to perform a desktop review of publicly available datasets, which give an indication of what minerals and rocks may be present in a particular location. Next, it’s necessary to identify where the deposits are located, within a minimal margin of error, via methods such as air track or sonic drilling.

After actively exploring an area, you enter a planning phase that focuses more on planning and permitting. Now that you know where the deposits are and have confirmed they are economically viable, what is the ideal route to reach them? After completing the assessment, a geological engineering team can propose one or more plans for mining the area and procuring the resources.

Anyone with a stake in nature, either a personal or economic one should know the basics of geological exploration.

The Importance of Geological Exploration

Geological exploration is a vital engine of economic development, but it is not simply about the pursuit of money. Rather, it has broad-ranging social and environmental significance as well.


Proving local presence of resources can have a dramatic effect on the local area. It is the basis upon which investment, work, infrastructural development and much more can be founded. Geological exploration facilitates the utilization of untapped resources, creating an opportunity to revitalize local towns and counties by providing a dramatic boost to regional economies. Beyond this local area, it is also a potent way for firms and individuals to capitalize on land they own. The world at large simply needs minerals, ore, gas and other resources that you can only consistently find via geological exploration.


Geological exploration is governed by regulations, guidelines, and best management practices to protect and preserve the environment. Exploring undeveloped areas with attention to environmental needs can minimize environmental impacts and allow economic development and nature preservation to coexist.

Legal Obligation

Along with the importance that geological exploration has to local communities, comes strict federal and state regulations that aim to protect shared natural resources. If you have any intent to exploit land you own, you still have obligations to do it the right way without putting neighboring areas at risk. As such, hiring a geological exploration team that is familiar with the law is absolutely essential. Ensuring compliance with regulations is key to ensure you don't suffer regulatory penalties.


Why Choose GeoLogic?

At GeoLogic, we have an impressive record of geological exploration that meets environmental needs while fulfilling the goals of our clients. Our geological engineering team has worked extensively across the American southeast, performing quarry evaluations in numerous Georgia counties and working on quarries across neighboring states. We have also planned and designed surface mines for sand, kaolin, and coal. If you have any need for geological exploration, reach out to GeoLogic today.

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