Day: June 23, 2022

Top Reasons People Turn to GeoLogic

Why People Turn to GeoLogic for their Geological Engineering and Mining Projects Ben Black, Principal Geological Engineer and Owner of GeoLogic, reveals the reasons people turn to GeoLogic for their geological engineering and mining projects. Ben: Clients often bring reports to us that other geological engineering or mining companies have produced, and the problem that we often see is the overall work product is substandard; it’s poorly written and overestimates or over-highlights the quantity and quality of mineable material that is available on a project. Typically, the reports or mine plans gloss over key aspects of the project, such as how they’re going to handle overburden and what the actual mine life is going to be. How much material can they actually mine? They usually don’t take into consideration the overburden storage. How are they going to handle addressing wetlands, or the addition of railroad spurs or access roads? Some of the reports I’ve seen take into consideration...

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